As you know, I’m taking a little break from What We Remember Most, Though it will be longer than previously planned. Why? Because one of the main reasons I took this break was a need to refresh my palette and do something that pushed me more than WWRM currently did. Now I don’t want to just leave y’all without anything to read during this hiatus, which is one of the reasons ¬†why I’m working on a chapter of a new project!

This as of yet unnamed project will be an action adventure comic, a loving tribute to villain of the week, and Sanderson’s Laws of Magic (look it up). More details about this project as I get ready to post it next month, but just know it’s about magical people fighting each other in a gang ridden 1930’s world.

I’ll post a chapter of this project in the hiatus, and if it’s well received, hopefully I’ll post up more chapters for reading. Thanks again for everyone’s patience, I’m glad you read and I don’t want to leave y’all comicless for too long!